A Special Lecture on Chinese Culture

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A tea artist explaining Chinese tea art to employees

In September, Suva, the capital of island country Fiji in the South Pacific, is still full of green coconut trees and stroke by the gentle sea breeze. As the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, the central city of the South Pacific is bustling with activity. On the 14th, China Railway First Group Co., Ltd., Fiji’s largest Chinese-funded company, together with the Confucius Institute at the University of the South Pacific hosted a special lecture on Chinese culture--tea tasting for more than 40 Fijian and Chinese representatives from the company headquarters and various projects. The lecture was warmly welcomed by the representatives.

Red lanterns and eye-catching Chinese knots were hung high on both sides of the room. The special lecture of Chinese tea art begun under the accompaniment of the fresh and beautiful Chinese folk music. The trained tea artist of the Confucius Institute, wearing traditional Chinese cheongsam, systematically and vividly explained the types, distribution, production process of Chinese tea by PPT, and demonstrated how to make tea and taste it. She invited Fijian employees to come on the stage to have a closer look of the tea making. The tea artist also patiently answered the questions asked by Fijian employees to make sure she was understood.

Fijian employees making tea

The Fijian employees were captivated by the tea artist’s spectacular explanation and tea making demonstration. After the activity, they admired the long history and profoundness of the Chinese tea culture even more which they acclaimed as an art of living, a self-cultivating lifestyle and life etiquette.

(Story by Zhang Yongxing, Xinhua News Agency, Suva, September 17th)

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