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The 2nd China Language Rehabilitation Forum

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The 2nd China Language Rehabilitation Forum is one of the parallel sessions of the 2nd China (Beijing) International Language and Culture Expo. With “Language Rehabilitation and Inclusive Society”as the theme, a number of internationally renowned scholars from the United States, France, and China’s Taiwan and Hong Kong regions, and more than 10 national eminent experts, as well as young scholars are invited to deliver keynote speeches on the theme. The meeting covers a broad range of topics, including new researches, new technologies, and new ideas in various fields. In addition to high-quality academic communication, professional training courses on “Clinical Strategies of Voice Rehabilitation”and “IEP in Language Therapy (with certification)”will be held during the Expo, the purpose of which is to promote the development of Chinese speech and hearing science and to train talents in the field.

The Conference is a platform for professionals to exchange their ideas in different disciplines, including language pathology, audiology, neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, hearing and language rehabilitation, and special education. The goal of the conference is to promote professional development through academic communication and to strengthen cooperation between experts and scholars in related fields to promote the development of Chinese language rehabilitation.

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