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Forum on Common Development and Prosperity of the Language and Culture Along the Belt and Road Regions

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The Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping is not only helping the development of China itself, but also benefiting Asia, Europe, Africa and even the whole world. It is of great significance for the development and prosperity of world economy and promotes common peace and progress. To bring this grand blueprint, which is committed to benefiting all the people around the world, into reality, trust and cooperation among different countries are needed. Culture, as one aspect of the Soft Power (Joseph Nye, 2004), will contribute to the realization of the Belt and Road Initiative, creating a necessary peaceful environment in political, economic and diplomatic fields. 

In this background of cultural symbiosis in our contemporary world, culture plays a role as soft power at every aspect of our life. It's happening everywhere, but at the same time it is hardly noticeable. The promotion of the Chinese language and culture under the notion of Belt and Road Initiative not only helps China to be understood more subjectively by the countries alongside the routes, but also promotes fusion and union across cultures and contributes to the common prosperity of all related countries. Maybe we can look forward to a better cultural symbiosis and possibly also a future “Cultural Union of Belt and Road Countries” as part of the world multicultural ecological system. 

To analyze the history, current situation and prospects of the cultural exchange movements among the countries alongside the Belt and Road more systematically, to detect the problems and seek the possible solutions, to redefine and redesign the connotations and goals, ways and methods, problems and solutions and institutional guarantee of the development of a more harmonious cultural symbiosis across these countries based on the Belt and Road Initiative, to explore the relations between the cultural symbiosis and cultural diplomacies, industries and economic patterns, and to accomplish the establishment of a system for assessing cultural symbiosis development quality, forming a possible Belt and Road cultural exchange pattern, knowing your hard work and achievements in this area, we are honored to invite you to this forum, sharing your research and thoughts in thesubject of Cultural Exchange along the Belt and Road.

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