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International Language and Culture Forum on “Language Service and Human Life” Held in Beijing

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During the 2nd China International Language and Culture Expo, the International Language and Culture Forum on “Language Service and Human Life”will be held in Beijing. It will be hosted by the National Language Commission of PRC, and organized by iFLYTEK Co., Ltd. and Beijing Municipal Language Commission,and co-organized by Beijing Language and Culture University, Tongji University,Shengwang Hearing Service Group and China Language Industry Research Institute.A series of forums—the“Belt and Road”Language and Culture Forum, the“Beltand Road”Co-development Forum, and the 2nd China Language Rehabilitation Forum—will also be held. Over 600 experts, scholars and businessmen from more than 40 countries are invited to share their views on the forum. On the forum, the language technologies in the age of artificial intelligence will be explored, and the strength and attractiveness of language service on human life will be highlighted. The forum will write a new chapter not only in enhancing cultural and educational exchanges against the backdrop of “The Belt and Road Initiative”, but also in the development of science and technology, and the improvement of human wellbeing.

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