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Language Forum of the 2nd ILCE

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  1.Main Forum:State Language Committee-"Language Services and Human Life"International Language and Culture Forum

  (On the morning of October 26,8:30-12:30,Yuyang Hotel,200 people)

  2.Sub-forums and series of forums

  (1)"Belt and Road"Language and Culture Summit Forum

  (Beijing Language and Culture University,October 26,14:00-27,18:00,260 people,Beijing Capital Museum)

  (2)"Language Technology in the Age of Artificial Intelligence"Forum

  (IFLYTEK,October 26 morning,8:30-12:30,Yuyang Hotel,200 people)

  (3)The 2nd China Language Rehabilitation Forum

  (Shengwang Hearing Company,October 25th,8:30-18:30,Guobin Hotel,150 people)

  (4)“Belt and Road”Language and Culture Development Forum

  (Shanghai Municipal Committee of Languages and Tongji University,October 24th,8:30-18:30,Yuyang Hotel,80 people)

  The above forum will invite domestic and foreign experts in related fields to deliver keynote speeches and roundtable interviews.

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