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Li Yi: Speech on the Press Conference of the Second China Beijing International Language & Culture Expo

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  Speech on the Press Conference of the Second China Beijing International Language & Culture Expo

  By Li Yi, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Deputy Director of Beijing Language Commission

  Aug.1, 2018

  Distinguished guests, colleagues in language and culture industry, and friends from the media:

   Good afternoon! On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 2nd China Beijing International Language&Culture Expo(ILCE), I now release the news of the holding of the expo.

  Last September, the first ILCE was successfully held, which won praises from leaders, participants and the public. At that time, Vice Premier Liu Yandong made important instructions on the successful holding of the expo and gave high praise. Du Zhanyuan, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education and Director of the State Language Committee, Wang Ning, Deputy mayor of Beijing and Director of Beijing Language Commission, and Michael Worbs, Chairperson of the Executive Board of UNESCO, delivered speeches on the first ILCE. The theme of the ILCE, “Language makes the world more harmonious and the culture more colorful”, is concise and powerful, and its concept is profound and simple. It filled the blankness in language expo in Chinese-speaking areas around the world.

  The 13th China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE) is jointly hosted by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, State Administration of Radio and Television, General Administration of Press and Publication, and Beijing Municipal People’s Government. The 2nd ILCE, continuing to be integrated into ICCIE, is supported by State Language Commission and National Committee of UNESCO, organized by Beijing Municipal Language Commission, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-council, Confucius Institute Headquarters, Translators Association of China, Beijing Language and Culture University, and Capital Normal University, co-organized by relevant organizations of language and culture including Iflytek Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Language Commission, Jiangsu Language Commission, Sheng Wang Hearing Group, and Commercial Press, and operated by Beijing Language Commission.

  The 2nd ILCE will be held in Beijing during October 25-28, 2018, with an exhibition at the China International Exhibition Center. Meanwhile, several forums, such as the International Language and Culture Forum for Language Services and Human Life, a series of language services forums for the construction of the Belt&Road, Forum on Language Technology in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, the Second China Language Rehabilitation Forum, and Principals Forum for Beijing Language and Culture School Alliance, will be held. Through exhibitions and shows, creative activities, forums and summits, as well as product promotion, this ILCE will gather the forefront ideas and concepts of languages, as well as high-end technology and products at home and broad, and build an important platform for exchanges of language and culture information, corporation publicity, product promotion and project cooperation between China and foreign countries.

  The ILCE will help to promote the international exchange of language and culture, spread Chinese culture, and prosper and develop the language industry and business. We are looking forward to the participating of all walks of life, creating opportunities for the development and prosperity of language and culture.

  The major mainstream media in the capital actively reported the first ILCE. I hope that you may continue to give strong support to the publicity of the second one.

  I wish the 2nd ILCE a great success!

  Thank you!

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