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Li Yi:The Welcome Speech for the Language Rehabilitation and Human Health Forum

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The Welcome Speech for the Language Rehabilitation

and Human Health Forum

Li Yi, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Deputy Director of Beijing Language Commission

Sept. 11, 2017


Dear Ms. Long Mo and Ms. Li Qiong, distinguished guests, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs at home and broad, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

The UN has announced Sustainable Development Agenda in 2030, promising solemnly not to leave one country behind. Nowadays, there are almost 1 billion people with disabilities in needs. Therefore, it is of great significance for the experts at home and broad gathering here to discuss “Language Rehabilitation and Human Health”. Please allow me to begin by, on behalf of Beijing Language Commission, to express warm welcome to all the experts and guests, and sincere gratitude to the organizer Sheng Wang Hearing Service Group. I’d like to extend warm congratulations to the opening of this forum.

Language rehabilitation is not only a medical service, but a language service. In the 13th Five-Year Plan for State Language and Writing issued by Ministry of Education and State Language Commission, meeting the language needs of people, including "the special groups”, such as  language-impaired patients, has been decided to be one of the three major tasks of the improvement of the state language service ability. It is proposed to further strengthen all kinds of language impairment studies and development and application of language rehabilitation therapic technology.

According to the census data of the people with disabilities, the number of people with language disorders in China is 35.42 million, among which the number of children is 3.29 million, accounting for 9.3%. The number of deaf children rises about 30 thousand annually, and acute cerebrovascular disease has also become a common disease of the middle-aged and aged, resulting in increasing number of the language disorders. If we count three people as a family, the language impairment have effects on over 100 million people. How to meet this huge amount of people’s needs of language rehabilitation better and more effectively is a major task we are facing.

Today, the forum will discuss the following topics from various perspectives: early detection of language-impaired children and studies on particular types of them, evaluation on language impairment, the latest technological advancement of language rehabilitation assistant devices, language impairment of the elderly and so on. As one of the sub-forums of Language Technology & Human Well-being International Language and Culture Forum, the forum will set a milestone in language rehabilitation.

The programs to help people with disabilities embody social justice. Ensuring and improving their livelihood mark the progress of social civilization. Language rehabilitation industry involves concerning for people with language defects. As a caring service, language rehabilitation  aims at helping people with language disabilities to get or regain communicative competence. Therefore, it requires not only the effective coordination within the industry, but more social attention to and people’s involvement in the care of people with language disabilities so as to create a healthy and harmonious society for language rehabilitation. I hope we can reach a consensus on the development concepts, and on the basis of which, the related departments, medical institutions, rehabilitation institutions, research institutions, education institutions and people from all walks of life can work together to establish scientific management and service mode. We need to take the disciplinary interaction and personnel training as the core to achieve efficient, sustainable development of language rehabilitation industry. Thank you!s


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