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Li Qiong:The Welcome Speech for the Language Rehabilitation and Human Health Forum

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The Welcome Speech for the Language Rehabilitation and Human Health Forum

Li Qiong, founder, co-chairman and CEO of Shengwang Hearing Service Group

Sept. 11, 2017


Dear Ms. Long Mo and Mr. Li Yi, distinguished guests, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs at home and broad, ladies and gentle men, Good afternoon!

In this delightful autumn of Beijing, we are gathering here to discuss “Language Rehabilitation and Human Health”, a realistic and foresighted topic with rich meaning and great importance. As one of the sub-forums of the Language Technology & Human Well-being International Language and Culture Forum in the first China Beijing International Language & Culture Expo (ILCE), this forum provides a platform for academic exchange in the field of language rehabilitation, and it is also complementary to exhibitions of Shengwang Hearing Service Group (SW) in China Beijing International Exhibition Center. It is a great honor for SW to organize this forum. Please allow me, on behalf of our group, to express sincere gratitude to the host and supporters for your trust, to our partner, the School of Language Rehabilitation of Beijing Language and Culture University. I’d like to extend warm congratulations to the opening of this forum, and welcome all the guests.

There has never been such abundance of topics on language today since it was created. “Language life” has found a way into all aspects of human activities, such as culture, economy, politics and technology. We have noticed that language problems have caused difficulties to individuals, families and society, which then become big problems related to individual life, human health and social harmony. Therefore, language rehabilitation has become a significant academic branch, which is intensively studied by experts in the fields of medicine, as well as science and technology, and makes great academic and technical application achievement. In recent years, language rehabilitation attracts linguistic studies. Thanks to the advance of technology, language rehabilitation industry, including language acquisition, dyslexia, language development disorders, aphasia, children’s hearing impairment and rehabilitation, presbycusis and rehabilitation, artificial cochleas and newest high-end hearing aids as well as speech therapy, occupies an important position in language industry. The pathological studies, therapies, applied technology and product development of language rehabilitation thrives in lots of countries. Many of you are experts and scholars making great contributions to these aspects.

Since its foundation in 1998, SW has established strategic cooperation ties with German Siemens, and been devoted to hearing rehabilitation in China. So far, with more than thousands of professional hearing aids fitting centers and specialist teams of thousands of people in 27 provinces, SW takes a leading position in service network in hearing rehabilitation industry of China, sending good news to millions of the hearing-impaired.

However, our service network is far from enough to meet the needs of the hearing-impaired, especially those who live in remote areas. According to the latest information released by the National Hearing Impairment and Otopathy Survey and Summary Workshop held in Beijing on March 24, 2016, 15.84% of Chinese people, near 200 million, have hearing impairment, among whom 5.17 % of our population, reaching shocking 6 million, have disabling, namely moderate or severe hearing impairment. Working with fellows who are devoted to China hearing rehabilitation, we will expand our professional service network and actively provide public service on hearing rehabilitation, making new contributions to bringing back the hearing-impaired to the world full of sounds.

At last, I’d like to wish this forum and the first ILCE a complete success. Thank you.


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