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The 2nd China Beijing International Language & Culture Expo

Promotion Regulations

1.Exhibition section

1. The Language construction achievement for the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up
2. "Belt and Road" National Language and Culture Exhibition
3. Language art performance and interactive experience
4. Language Enterprise Product Exhibition

2.Forum section
1. Main Forum: National Language Committee - "Language Services and Human Life" International Language and Culture Forum
2. Sub-forums and series of forums
(1) Language Service Series Forum in the Construction of “Belt and Road”
(Beijing Language and Culture University, Tongji University)
(2) "Language Technology in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" Forum (IFLYTEK)
(3) The 2nd China Language Rehabilitation Forum (shengwang Listening Group)
(4) Beijing Language and Culture School Alliance Principal Forum
The above forum will invite domestic and foreign experts in related fields to deliver keynote speeches and roundtable interviews.

Promotion plan

1.Exhibition's chief propaganda
Promotional expenses: RMB 660,000
The first co-organizer of the second language Expo. 88 square meters special booth. With all-round publicity rights. Enjoy all the services provided by the Expo.

2.Exhibition publicity
Promotional expenses: RMB 100,000 -200,000
Co-organizer of the second language Expo.
20 to 40 square meters of booths.

3.Forum publicity
Promotional expenses: 200,000 yuan / half a day; 400,000 yuan / all day.
Named to host the forum. Co-organizer of the second language Expo.